Jack the Jack Pine

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An adventure into mindfulness awaits

"Jack the Jack Pine; A Mindful Discovery" has been a funfilled experience. I've met so many people as I've sold books at Chapters, Indigo and community events. Jack has inspired so many conversations and I'm so pleased to have been able to share my ideas and this precious story with you.

Many teachers have said Jack the Jack Pine has been a wonderful addition to their classrooms as they slowly integrate mindfulness based principles.

This is my first published children's book for children between the ages of 4 - 10 years of age. Depending on the age of the reader will determine how the book is used.

Jack the Jack Pine is a beautifully illustrated, soothing story of a young girl mindfully discovering nature and in particular a Jack Pine sapling. She and her mother explore together and learn about the interconnectivity of everything.

After the story, parents will find a section teaching several mindfulness exercises.

You can hear me talk about my book on this radio interview.

Why Mindfulness for Children?

Mindfulness is a skill everyone has - when we develop it we create integration in the brain. This integration enables reduced mental and emotional suffering and overall healthier thinking.

Mindfulness is about bringing compassionate non-judgemental awareness to our experiences. With this increased awareness we learn to understand ourselves deeply and to respond to situations rather than react.

I believe we are giving our children a gift when we teach them this life skill early in age. Research over the last 30 years demonstrates that the inclusion of a Mindfulness practise will result in your child improving their focus, increasing their ability to calm down and manage their impulses and foster effective decision making.

If you would like further research information please visit the American Mindfulness Research Association.

You can also access additional resources for children and teens via Mindful Schools. A US based school devoted to bringing Mindfulness to our children and teens, via the academic system. I am proud to say this is where I have trained and I use their curriculum in my children and teen groups.

**You will soon be able to purchase “Jack the Jack Pine” from this page…until then, please request a copy directly from us or you can purchase via Indigo.ca, Amazon.ca or Barnes&Noble.com

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